Last week Stephen Shanabrook set a new Guinness World Record -- bowling for 125 consecutive hours. Here are five other useless sports records:

1. Longest tennis marathon » Eat your heart out, John Isner, because George L. Bolter and Athos Rostan III spent 31 hours, 35 minutes and 30 seconds hitting that fuzzy yellow ball over the net in November of 2008. That's enough time to fly from Los Angeles to Aukland, New Zealand ... twice.

2. Most basketballs spun simultaneously » An oldie, but a goodie. Michael Kettman of St. Augustine, Fla., set the record (28) in 1999 on "Guinness World Records" in London. Personally, we're not impressed. Neither was Patrick Ewing. Legend has it he dunked ball No. 29 on Kettman's face, creating a new Snickers commercial.

3. Most rugby tackles in one hour » The record is 4,130 by students from Scots College in Sydney, Australia. But more importantly ... how was this calculated? There are 3,600 seconds in an hour, which means there were 1.1472 tackles per second. Who the heck kept track of this? Is he a robot? Answers, people!

4. Most runners in a horse race » Never mind the answer (228). We don't even understand what this means. There's actually a single person who holds the mark -- not sure how that's even possible -- and the setting for the record in Inner Mongolia (Xiwuzhumuqinqi) reads like a distant cousin of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano.

5. Most simultaneous games of Scrabble » It's 521, played by students at a secondary school in Singapore. We are yet unsure if Shaquille O'Neal was present, although we're told "Shaqtastic" was worth 29 points. Asked how they wound up with so many Qs, the kids replied, "don't worry about it."