Do you find yourself cringing more and more at the self-satisfied comments of ESPN’s British Open announcers Curtis Strange and Paul Azinger?

These guys don’t tell you near enough about the players on the course, and give you way too much about themselves. Neither is as smart or funny as he thinks. When they punctuate their chuckles with “ahhhh” at the end, savoring and assessing the joke, you want to vomit on your mouth. And please, Zinger, no more Ryder Cup yarns.

Give me more Andy North, Rocco Mediate, and Tom Weiskopf, and less Strange and Azinger.

As for the play-by-play guys, it doesn’t get much better than Scott Van Pelt, Sean McDonough, and Mike Tirico. Van Pelt is constantly entertaining without ever pushing it too far. McDonough has a nice and surprising touch, considering he doesn’t do much golf. And as tiresome as Tirico is with his faux excitement on NBA basketball, his treatment of golf is perfect.

Thank God ESPN had the sense not to unleash Chris Berman at the Old Course. And you know he must be salivating with Louis “Louis” Oostuizen in the lead and Hiroyuki “Sizzlin’” Fujita playing well.

One more thing, even with his fancy touch screen, Terry Gannon is still just the poor man’s Bill Macatee.