For many years now, I've been arguing that the United States should adopt an immigration system much like those of our Anglosphere cousins Canada and Australia.

They encourage high-skill immigration by a points system which gives priority to those who have the capacity to contribute to their chosen country economically and civically. At Ben Domenech's Federalist blog, Helen Raleigh, who immigrated from China to the United States, gives a brief description of the Canadian and Australian systems.

Note that Canada and Australia do not limit high-skill immigration to those sponsored by particular companies, as our H-1B visa programs do. Currently, the lobbyists actively seeking more high-skill immigration are financed by tech companies which use H-1B visas to get cheaper labor than they otherwise could.

That shouldn't be our national goal. There has been considerable talk about immigration during this year's presidential campaign, but little in the way of specifics as to how we should reform our system from either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

It seems to me that there's an open field here, from which either party or any candidate could move to high political and policy ground. Who's ready to give it a try?