It is great to have the rallies and voice our opposition to what is going on in Washington, DC, but it should not stop there. We need to get out and change the Republican Party from within.

The Tea Party groups have had their say and we need them to continue speaking out, but to really change what is going on in the government, you need to get involved in the Party itself. Now how do we do that? It means joining the local GOP groups, becoming a Precinct Committeeman, and becoming active in the political process right in your hometown. Go to City Council meetings, School Board meetings--observe how your local government works. It is important to know some of the issues that concern you locally, because once you take the step into your local political party, you’ll find these issues are part of their focus too.  

My friend over at RedState, Cold Warrior, has started the Precinct Committeeman Project:

Created by a citizen who believes each conservative American’s top priority should be active engagement as a precinct committeeman in the political Party our Founders and Framers would be members of if they were alive now: The Republican Party. I am an American first, a conservative second and a Republican precinct committeeman by necessity to secure the Blessings of Liberty to myself and my posterity.

He has a lot of information on how to become a Precinct Committeeman, and what being one involves.  Each state and county will have variations, it is not one size fits all, but the most important step you can take--if you want to get back your government--is to become a PC. This is how we as Conservative Activists can change the GOP back to the Party it once was.    We need to get America back to a Smaller Government that must mean Less Taxes and Less Intrusion into our individual lives.  

Another one of my friends over at RedState, Rob Robinson, has started Procinct. And he has reached a Milestone:

PROCINCT has reached it’s first three major ‘One’ milestones: One. Million. Voters. (over 1/2 of 1% of the electorate) and over One percent (1,958 of 181,182)  of the precincts in the US.  The next million voters will be far easier to gather in thanks to you! PROCINCT was also one month old yesterday.  This is the big ONE in many ways for PROCINCT.

That much of PROCINCT’s success so far has been due to its own merits is arguable, but another factor is far, far more important.  I’m speaking of the brilliant minds that saw the potential of such a tool in the hands of the Tea Parties, the citizens, the activists, to take our parties back and advance the conservative agenda among the electorate. You know who you are - I don’t need to cite you by name. But thank you for listening carefully to the beginning of the conversation!  Who said something to somebody.  Who forwarded an email, or wrote a post or a comment....

Procinct is a program to help activists and candidates to get voter data in a secure way to help Get out the Vote during elections and keep in touch with volunteers and voters, not just for the upcoming elections, but future ones as well.

  • Manages all your precinct/district voter data securely online and shares it privately with your trusted volunteers
  • Key: Unlike Voter Vault and PDI, PROCINCT allows you to save your notes and knowledge about each voter - from election to election.
  • Compare Precinct Maps:  PDI's Map vs. the PROCINCT map (if data available for your area)
  • Compare Price:  PDI - $1,500/month  vs.  PROCINCT - FREE
  • Unlike Voter Vault or PDI, your party superiors cannot take PROCINCT away from you.
  • Keeps work diaries of your volunteers' activities
  • Helps manage voter email lists
  • Online Call Center coming soon
  • Includes PROCINCTmobile Call Center/Walk Center (Virtual Phone Bank) app for field use
  • (download the app for your phone here)
  • Delegation system helps you and your deputies assign tasks and follow-up on time
  • Helps identify, track, and manage neighborhood volunteers who are not online
  • Includes a pledge system that tracks and keeps donations on schedule with personalized pledge reminder
  • (and thank you!) emails to you and the donor.
  • Gives you a permanently hosted, customized donations page (works thru Paypal).
  • (not the county, state or national committee, your local sub-county committee)
  • Keep notes on every voter you or your volunteers contact
  • Suggests 'Best Practices' for precinct and campaign management
  • Helps with GOTV on Election Day
  • Helps you understand & deploy successful social networking
  • If you are wanting to upload voter data for a new district, you will have the chance to do so on the first page after you join below.  Scroll down to join.
  • PROCINCT is free for all users (donations are welcome)
  • Preview: the PROCINCT User Guide
  • Backgrounders at  Article 1, Article 2, Article 3

The Tea parties are a great way to get together and let our voices be heard, and even the MSM now takes the Tea Party seriously, but we must move on from there. The Tea Party rallies must continue, but they are only a part of the action that needs to be taken. Meeting people at the rallies and other events spreads the word, gets folks involved and allows for the follow-up that is going to change this nation back again, to the government that the people expect. One person at a time, multiplied a thousand-fold, this is how we’ll do it. Conservatives get into the party, shape it up, and get it going again in the right direction.  

So, start today. Now, this minute. We have no time to waste. It can be done, and we will do it. 

It is time to take back the Party from the Political hacks in Washington and bring it back closer to home.