If your morning looked something like this: woke up to a cold, dark bedroom; showered (possibly without warm water); skipped the usual morning coffee; attempted to do something manageable with your wet, soggy hair then begrudgingly made your way to work — you're not alone.

Thousands of residents in the region lost power thanks to Wednesday's snowstorm that downed power lines and caused  chaos on roadways. Dominion Virginia Power estimates 188,000 customers lost power in Northern Virginia; Pepco doesn't have an estimate for Montgomery County, but much of the central and southern part of the county was severely hit.

And to make things worse, repairs are going slowly, thanks to the poor road conditions that included abandoned cars. Pepco says "crews have had difficulty navigating the roads and assessing storm damage to restore service ... [also preventing Pepco] from being able to offer estimated times of restoration."

The power company said in a release it will receive out-of-state assistance Friday.

Dominion Power is more upbeat: "With daylight, and as road conditions improve, crews are making much greater progress," its release said.