Consider this information a leak: The Washington Redskins will play their season finale Sunday at FedEx Field.

And Redskins Park insiders say they will be facing the New York Giants.

Leaks have been all the rage for the Redskins this season, starting in training camp with the Albert Haynesworth feud and now concluding with the spitting match between coach Mike Shanahan, his son and offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, and third-string quarterback Donovan McNabb and his agent, Fletcher Smith.

McNabb has said the most troubling component of his soon-to-be short-lived tenure as a Redskin has been the leaks about his practice habits and abilities to grasp the Shanahans' offense. Smith's nuclear statement that criticized the Shanahans for the way they have handled McNabb was in response to those leaks.

Mike Shanahan has said he isn't responsible for those leaks, such as when McNabb was getting benched recently.

"These rumors circulate all the time," he told reporters. "I didn't share with anyone what was going to happen until Thursday."

McNabb believes he has been the victim of these leaks -- something that Mike Shanahan should sympathize with.

In his book, "Think Like A Champion," co-authored by Adam Schefter and published in 1998, Shanahan tells this story of the damage from leaks when he was the offensive coordinator on Dan Reeves' staff in Denver -- when Reeves fired Shanahan after the 1991 season.

"A week after he (Reeves) fired me, somebody leaked a story to the Denver Post that forever changed our relationship," Mike Shanahan said in the book. "The source and the story accused me of being insubordinate. It said one of the main reasons I was fired was because behind Dan's back I was scripting plays with our quarterback John Elway."

Shanahan said in the book the story was not honest, and the accusations "lacked substance."

McNabb also has claimed that he felt the way he was benched -- not being told until late Thursday before the Dallas game -- was disrespectful. Few people believe that Shanahan did not make that decision well before Thursday afternoon.

Timing is something that Shanahan should be sympathetic to as well. In his book, he criticized Reeves for not telling him sooner that he was fired.

"I don't have a problem with Dan firing me. That was his right. ... But what I did have a problem with, as a matter of professional courtesy, was the fact that he waited a whole week after the season to let me go.

"Had he fired me the day after our season ended -- and I'm guessing he knew he was going to get rid of me all along -- then I might have had the chance to interview for any one of the five offensive coordinator jobs that were then open. But by the time he got around to cutting me loose, the only two offensive coordinator jobs open were Pittsburgh's and San Francisco's."

It will be curious to see if Shanahan extends the same courtesy he expected from Dan Reeves when it comes to the decision that seems inevitable -- to cut loose McNabb as soon as possible.

Perhaps Shanahan needs to reread his own book -- still available on the Internet, used, for a penny plus postage and shipping.

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