A prospective third party candidate for the presidency who announced his intention to run on Monday has missed the deadline for making it on the ballot in nearly 30 states, and seems likely to miss the deadline for at least several more.

The deadline for inclusion on the ballot in 27 states has passed, according to Ballotpedia, a project of the nonprofit Lucy Burns Institute. The deadline for six more states and Washington, D.C., is coming up on Wednesday.

That creates a bit of a hurdle for Evan McMullin, who announced on Monday that he would seek to run as a third party candidate in the hope of picking up votes from disaffected Republicans. McMullin has never held elected office, but worked as an operations officer in the CIA, and more recently as chief policy director for House Republicans.

In order to make it on the ballot as a presidential candidate without support from a major party, candidates are required to obtain signatures from voters on a state-by-state basis who vow to support them in the November election. For those that share the deadline coming up on Wednesday, those requirements range from 3,005 signatures in Alaska to approximately 7,500 in Connecticut.

McMullin will probably need to obtain a little over 32,000 signatures in order to qualify in all of those states on Wednesday. The others include Colorado, Hawaii, New Hampshire and Ohio.

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Yet even taken together, the combined signature requirement in those states pales in comparison to the number needed in California, where prospective candidates will need to present signatures from about 178,000 voters on Friday, two days later.

The next deadline will be in Utah, where candidates need to present a comparatively paltry 1,000 signatures by Aug. 15. Between that date and Sept. 9, just 16 states remain: Montana, Alabama, Tennessee, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota, New York, Idaho, Virginia, Oregon, Wyoming, North Dakota, Arizona, Kentucky, Mississippi and Rhode Island.

As of Aug. 8, states where McMullin is off the ballot include Texas, North Carolina, Illinois, Indiana, New Mexico, Nevada, Georgia, Delaware, Florida, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Michigan, Washington, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Nebraska, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Vermont, West Virginia, Massachusetts, South Dakota and Wisconsin.