It's training camp week, which means one thing: The NFL is about to take over the primary spot on everyone's sports radar from now until February. Here are a couple things we're wondering:

1. What was Dez Bryant thinking? The Cowboys rookie receiver refused to honor a longstanding training camp tradition -- carrying a veteran's shoulder pads to the practice field -- on Monday. The veteran in this case was fellow receiver Roy Williams. Bryant, quoted by, said: "I didn't know nothing about no tradition," which, according to the grammar police at Cheers & Jeers, literally means: "I know of no tradition." Yup, that makes sense to us.

2. What was Mike Brown thinking? The Bengals owner decided to sign Terrell Owens on Tuesday. To which we reply: WHAT!? ... Um, Brown already has an attention seeking, reality-show starring, prima donna No. 1 wide receiver. And while Chad Ochocinco is crazy -- he changed his last name to "Eight-five" for crying out loud -- at least he's not a malcontent like Owens, who leaves a bitter aftertaste in every locker room he vacates. Carson Palmer should be hitting the "veto" button right now instead of embracing this deal.