Note: The Redskins will draft 10th overall thanks to Seattle's win over St. Louis. Also, they will play host to Arizona, Dallas, Minnesota, New England, the New York Jets, New York Giants, Philadelphia and San Francisco. They will travel to Buffalo, Carolina, Dallas, Miami, New York Giants, Philadelphia, Seattle and St. Louis.


Brian Orakpo

On the defense: “I’m very relaxed. I know a lot of guys are more comfortable in this defense. I’m already looking forward to Year 2. I’m excited where we got. We finished on a good note and I’m ready for Year 2.”

Mike Sellers

On the roster uncertainty: “It’s a matter of the unknown. There’s going to be changes, obviously. Hopefully I won’t be one. You play like it’s your last game and I love the stadium so walking through the tunnel again you take one more look around. You never know what’s going to happen. They might need a different player to play here. Just soak it in and enjoy the time you did have.”

Reed Doughty

On the growth in the defense: “You won’t see it in the yards, but we kept them in the game. I was proud today. We gave us a chance to get the ball back. In the past maybe they runt he ball and we wouldn’t get the ball back. The fact that we got the ball back numerous times, we played some tough D.”

Santana Moss

On the season: “It was just one of them seasons. We had so much in mind that we wanted to be and we couldn’t get it accomplished. You can look back and see it’s the start of something to work on. Even though we didn’t get the job done we still started somewhere that we can now build on.”

On what the feeling was like for him: “My whole thing was I probably looked at a couple of fans and told them I appreciate them. I look forward to being back. At the same time I don’t know what tomorrow brings when it comes to how everything pans out. I’m a Redskin. Once I got here in ’05 I just felt this fit right. For me to do what I did the past few years, they should feel the same way. Hopefully everything gets taken care of so I can be back.”

Andre Carter

On his desire to return to a 4-3 defense: “I’ve been a 4-3 end before and I know the reasons for coming here was to be a defensive end. Sometimes the game evolves and you have to find out what your role is and that’s something that will be analyzed by Coach Shanahan and myself.”

Casey Rabach

On how long it took the offense to mesh: “It’s hard to put a number on it. Obviously there was confusion in the early part of the season. There’s obviously growing pains anytime you have a new scheme. We definitely struggled early on, but everybody feels comfortable now. It’s something we can take to the offseason.”

DeAngelo Hall

On the TD pass he allowed: “When I jumped up I thought I could make a play on it but the sucker kept floating on me. I had him right where I wanted him, I just mistimed the ball.”

On how expansive the rebuilding process must be this offseason: “I don’t know. I hadn’t sat down and looked at the personnel to say we need this, we need that. I just go out and play football. There will be a couple situations we need to address. It’ll be a whirlwind…. It will be a circus, man, with a lot of free agents. It’s going to definitely be an opportunity to get a whole lot better.”