Hillary Clinton joined the hosts of MSNBC's "Morning Joe" by phone Friday for an exclusive interview that saw her answering a series of safe questions about the 2016 presidential election, and not much else.

The complete list of questions posed by hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski includes:

1. Scarborough: "Do you think Donald Trump is personally a bigot or a racist?"

2. Scarborough, in reference to Clinton asking how the GOP nominee plans to represent all Americans when he doesn't respect all Americans, "Is that a message that you're sending out to Republicans as well as independent voters?"

3. Scarborough: "If you believe that the Clinton Foundation has done great works, and I think most of us believe it has done great works, why not transfer the responsibilities to, say, the Gates Foundation or some other foundation to completely eliminate any possibility of conflicts of interest if you become our next president and commander in chief? [...]

Is that something you'd consider, though? Is that something you'd consider over time?"

4. Scarborough: "You all have done remarkable work in the fight against HIV and AIDS, but you are not suggesting … that fight is not dependent solely on the Clinton Foundation remaining in place, is it?"

5. Scarborough, in reference to Clinton's major address Thursday accusing Trump and his supporters of pushing a racist campaign: "Do you think yesterday's speech that you gave ... may be the defining moment? A turning point in this campaign when talking about what is at stake for the American people and our future?"

6. Brzezinski: "Are you certain that there are no emails or foundation ties to foreign entities that will be revealed that could perhaps permanently impact your presidential prospects?"

7. Brzezinski: "If a Republican candidate who is actually credible was running against you, and served as secretary of state and ran a foundation that took donations from foreign entities, wouldn't you be criticizing him or her for a conflict of interest? And, in retrospect, was that a good idea if you're not going to be doing it in some cases as president?"

8. Brzezinski (exact quote): "I wonder what the questions raised from speech money to foundation ties how you build that trust up with voters at this time when people are feeling negative, to say the least, about this election overall."

Notably absent from the MSNBC hosts' lineup of questions was any mention of the growing outrage about Clinton's lack of press conferences.

Scarborough and Brzezinski likewise shied away from pressing Clinton with questions about her private email server scandal, and they also avoided discussing the specifics of an Associated Press report published this week showing the Democratic nominee met with more than 80 Clinton Foundation donors when she worked at the State Department.