Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor of the liberal Nation magazine, in her attack on Republicans, writes something in today’s Washington Post that is the opposite of the truth:

And Missouri’s Roy Blunt, among others, stood with the insurance and drug companies against health-care reform

But the drug companies were for “health-care reform.” And not just a little bit — steadfastly and enthusiastically in support.

Here’s some evidence:

Top drug lobbyist Billy Tauzin cut a deal in the West Wing of the White House in which it got what it wanted and pledged to spend millions ginning up public support for the bill. The drug lobby applauded the bill’s passage. The drug lobby got what it wanted. Drug lobbyists fought fiercely for Martha Coakley, in order to save the Democratic supermajority The drug lobby this year has run ads thanking Harry Reid for his support for the bill, and boosting his reelection.

It’s a knee-jerk reaction for many liberals — they hate industry and they love government, and so they just assume that big business is against big government. But they’re wrong. Sometimes, they’re very wrong.