Electing Hillary Clinton president makes appointing Bernie Madoff secretary of Treasury look like a safe bet. On the payroll of Wall Street bankers and brutal dictators alike, Hillary will put U.S. policies and weapons up for auction to the highest bidder: We'll end up losing even more jobs, because her Wall Street masters are invested in China; while her dictator-donors will be free to run roughshod over the poverty-ridden third world, along with women and gays in Sharia-law nations.

The Clintons are both lawyers by trade, but Bill was disbarred in 2001 and Hillary, after flunking the D.C. bar exam, let her law license lapse in 2002. Though the couple was "dead broke" when they left the White House in 2001, and earned only $357,000 in 2000, they've "earned" between $8 and $28 million per year since then, and are now worth $238 million.

As Peter Schweizer exposed in Clinton Cash, the Clinton Foundation, established as a limited-purpose charity — a presidential library and archive — is the global crime syndicate through which the Clintons operate. It serves as the Clinton's personal slush fund — only $9 million of $140 million raised went to aid in 2013.

Recent emails uncovered by Judicial Watch suggest that Hillary engaged in a rank pay-for-play scheme while secretary of state.

Former Morgan Stanley Asia chairman Stephen Roach let Hillary know he didn't want the Chinese pressured to stop their destructive currency devaluations, though those manipulations force U.S. manufacturers to move their plants and jobs overseas or shut down. Hillary happily complied and Morgan Stanley handsomely rewarded her for screwing over US workers: $225,000 for a short speech in April 2013. Hillary raked in over $21 million in speaking fees in the two years since leaving the State Department, $2.9 million of which came from similarly invested Wall Street investment banks. Hillary helped Bill rake in speaking fees too: As secretary of state she approved his whopping $650,000 fee from the Congo, and one from North Korea, two of the most repressive regimes on the planet.

Black lives don't matter to Hillary — especially if they're poor homeless Haitians. Hillary funneled billions in U.S. relief to Haiti after its devastating 2010 earthquake. She put Bill in charge of disbursing the billions; yet the Haitians claim the vast majority of the money never made it to them. But stealing the Haitian's relief wasn't enough for Hillary: she got her brother, Tony Rodham, a rare Haitian gold mining permit so he could rob the Haitians of their gold too.

Hillary doesn't care if women can choose to drive, let alone have an abortion; nor whether gays have the right to live let alone marry: She took millions more from Sharia-run regimes that punish or kill women and gays. Saudi Arabia, with its deplorable human rights record, gave over $10 million to the Clinton Foundation.

Hillary's pursuit of Mideast oil money led her, as secretary of state, to help lead the way in invading Libya. The toppling of Muammar Gaddafi spawned the power vacuum that gave rise to the Islamic State. Emails released by Julian Assange (WikiLeaks) show she sold weapons to the Islamic State in Syria.

To help Bill's longtime friend and foundation donor Canadian mining magnate Frank Giustra, who funneled a staggering $145 million to her foundation, Hillary approved the sale of U.S. uranium mines to Russia's Rosatom, even though she knew Russia would then sell our own uranium to Iran in its quest for the bomb.

Thanks to Bill's endless philandering, including his alleged rape of Juanita Broaddrick, Hillary Clinton recently scrubbed her website page — "Campus Sexual Assault" — to remove: "Don't let anyone silence your voice." Apparently she thought that was better than adding, "unless Bill's the accused rapist, in which case I'll be the one silencing you." Hillary had no problem having the foundation take money from convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, the owner of "Orgy Island," who flew Bill there at least 26 times aboard his private jet, the "Lolita Express."

In short, there's no cause, principle or group that Hillary isn't prepared to sell-out for a price. Besides compromising our own jobs and national security, because leaders worldwide know she's hopelessly corrupt (and some likely possess the deleted emails to prove it), electing her president will dissolve any remaining U.S. moral authority. Once Hillary is vested with the power to pardon herself, Bill and their cohorts, the U.S. can never again credibly claim the moral high ground with any repressive regime — certainly not on women's rights, democracy, gay rights or oppression of the poor.

Stephen B. Meister is a founding partner of Meister, Seelig & Fein, LLP, a law firm headquartered in NYC, published author and opinion writer; opinions expressed are his own. Twitter: @StephenMeister.  Jason D. Meister is a Senior Director at Ackman-Ziff - a 90-year-old, privately held real estate capital advisory firm - and frequently appears on national television and radio broadcasts, including various interviews on Fox Business Network, Wall Street Journal Live, Bloomberg, and Huff Post Live to discuss markets, politics, and finance.Twitter: @jason_meister. Thinking of submitting an op-ed to the Washington Examiner? Be sure to read our guidelines on submissions.