Its been a tough couple of weeks for the gay-loathing “social conservative.” First they have CPAC laying the law down, calling a boycott’s bluff by letting GOProud remain at the event and now this.

 The darling of many on the right and a far chunk of the tea party movement has caused a stir by a simple re-Tweet on her Twitter account.  (Re-Tweet for those not Twitter au fait, means forwarding a Tweet by someone else to all your followers.) Palin re-Tweeted a comment from Tammy Bruce about DADT and the idea put forward by some to re-instate the policy via the new Congress.

 As CNN explains in its “Ticker” section, the source of kerfuffle is minor at first glance. .

 “"But this hypocrisy is just truly too much. Enuf already–the more someone complains about the homos the more we should look under their bed,” Bruce’s original tweet read that was subsequently relayed by Palin.”

 This should surprise very few who know that Palin and Tammy Bruce know each other. Palin has never shown any signs of being part of the gay loathing contingent, but there may have been those of that contingent who assumed she was “one of  them.”

 Ben Smith opines that this a sign that Palin is part of the post-social issue conservative Republicans.

 “More broadly, though, she seems roughly representative of a Republican Party that isn't particularly interested in fighting the old culture wars around sex, drugs, and crime -- abortion is the enduring exception, obviously -- and more interested in fighting the new culture wars around the size and meaning of government.”

 While the tweet might be a minor act it may be the electronic shot that reminds conservatives that the broadest coalition possible is the way to win Presidential elections. Palin is a seen as a leader by many, and certainly conservatives sick of civil wars over the gay issue hope the rump still railing against them will get the hint.