Retired neurosurgeon and Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson said this week that there's at least one part of Obamacare that he'd save if he became president, although he said he would still work to repeal the rest of the law.

"I think the banning of people being turned away from health insurance because of pre-existing conditions is one of very few bright spots in an otherwise horribly written law," Carson said. "Providing coverage to people who are sick is extremely important. When I work with Congress to repeal the law, I think we should keep this protection for the sick."

Carson made the remark in response to a question he received by email. Carson has been posting his responses to several emails over Facebook.

In another reply, he said he's not looking forward to living in a "Secret Service protected bubble" if he wins the White House. He said that was a defining characteristic for him, since his life was free of politics until now. And while he retired from medicine, he said he didn't want to stop helping people.

"When I knew it was time for me to stop, my life's work of helping children of course did not," he said. "I came to understand that we need a leader that cares far more about the next generation than the next election. I want nothing more than to try and save our country."

One email he received asked Carson how he would "start turning this country around on day one?"

Carson said that on day one, "the change begins," as the U.S. has the highest business taxes in the world. He said it's necessary to "adopt competitive tax rates" to attract foreign businesses. While the Obama administration has "tried to tax and spend our way into prosperity," Carson said it is time for a change.

"Every regulation will be judged on what it costs versus what it delivers. We adopt competitive tax rates that will attract business," Carson said. "I will send my Cabinet all over the world to tell businesses across the globe we want them here."

When asked questions about gun control and abortion, Carson said he is "100 percent pro-Second Amendment" as a gun owner and member of the NRA.

"Some folks distort my position because I suggested that as a nation we need to get better at keeping guns away from the mentally ill," Carson said. "We do need to get better at that, but not by giving away our rights."

He said he has probably raised more money than any other public figure "to fight for life," and said he is "proud of my support of the unborn."

"I certainly am the only candidate to ever save an unborn baby's life in the operating room. I spent my entire career serving children," Carson said. "What Planned Parenthood has been exposed doing frankly sickens me." Carson was referencing videos in which top Planned Parenthood officials are talking about how much money they'll get from aborted fetal tissue.