Michelle Rhee's list of endorsers is growing, but it's growing kind of, well, weird. Today the CEO of StudentsFirst, the nonprofit education reform advocacy group she started to essentially do battle with teachers' unions, announced that none other than Bill Cosby has her back.

That's right: Cliff Huxtable. He who wears the nonsensically patterned sweaters; he who hears the darndest things that kids say ("Mommy is a robot!").

Cosby's testimony on the StudentsFirst site:

Bill Cosby Comedian; Actor; Activist; Philanthropist “I have always been a strong advocate for public schools and educational programs that have focused on the developmental needs of children. I have also been keenly interested in the importance of the roles of parents/care givers in the education of their children as well as the need for parental/care givers involvement in the academic, social and athletic programs of the schools. I strongly applaud StudentsFirst and support their initial strategic endeavor.”

In a blog post titled "Look who's reacting to the StudentsFirst Agenda" (which this reporter humbly hopes is a teaser that John Travolta, Kirstie Alley or one of the talking dogs will be listed as an endorser soon), Rhee asks, "What do five big city mayors and comedian Bill Cosby have in common?. ... Bill Cosby is a strong supporter of parental involvement and empowerment, which is at the heart of much of this agenda."

Last week we reported that Rhee added Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson — the future Mr. Rhee — to the list of endorsers, without a whisper that the two are engaged to be wed. Other new additions:

  • Blair Taylor, President & CEO of the Los Angeles Urban League
  • Gloria Romero, Former California Senator; State Director of the California Chapter of the Democrats for Education Reform
  • Barbara O’Brien, Colorado Lt. Governor