Only in America can a person fall into a mall fountain because of walking while texting ... and it ends up being the mall's fault.

If you missed the video that went viral, here is the clip that has received almost 1.8 million hits so far. It shows 49-year-old Cathy Cruz Marrero, who said she was an employee at one of the mall stores, walking while texting on her phone and, because of her distraction, falling into a fountain.

Now she is thinking of suing. She and her attorney, James Polyak, appeared Thursday on ABC's Good Morning, America to discuss the possibility of bringing legal action against the mall.

Her explanation for possibly suing was that she did not hear anything from mall security although the video showed that after falling, she quickly stood up, scooped up her cell phone from underwater, climbed out of the fountain, and walked away. Apparently the only thing she claimed to have injured was her pride. 

According to her attorney, they want an explanation of why and how it happened, an apology from the mall, and why the video was posted on YouTube.

She admitted she was embarrassed and cautioned others about walking and texting, noting it could have been worse if the fountain had been empty which could have caused injuries, or the fact that one could walk into a bus or a car. Her embarrassment apparently increased when her nephew called two days after the incident to alert that she was on YouTube. Not only was it shown there but news outlets around the world were broadcasting the film footage as many got a chuckle at the sight.

Since she said she was not injured in the fall, many wonder if wounded pride is a reason to sue someone.

Good Morning America asked viewers to leave comments on their website, and they are overwhelmingly not in favor of Ms. Marrero. Some have suggested that she could have remained anonymous by not coming forward and, thus, escaped the further embarrassment she now claims to feel. Others have said she is considering suing only because she wants her 15 minutes of fame and financial gain. Many question the attorney for taking on this case. Most are astonished she would even consider a lawsuit for something that clearly appeared to be negligence on her behalf.

For more opinions, read the GMA comments as well as those left on the YouTube video . What do you think?