Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton might disagree with each other on almost every issue, but they have common ground in believing states and towns should be allowed to ban fracking.

In an interview with 9News in Colorado, the former secretary of state and Democratic presidential nominee said she believes states and towns should be allowed to pass fracking bans if their voters approve. Trump made similar comments to the same station last week.

"I have long been in favor of states and cities within states making up their own minds about whether or not they want to permit fracking," Clinton said. "I have been supportive of that."

Two cities in Colorado had voter-passed initiatives to ban or pause fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, which involves injecting a mixture of water and other chemicals into layers of rock to deep underground release the fossil fuels trapped within. The Colorado Supreme Court shot down those bans because they conflicted with state law.

Clinton said she's "not an expert" on Colorado's Constitution, but in general she supports communities making up their own minds on whether to allow fracking.

On Friday, Trump said he could "understand" if cities and states wanted to ban fracking and that the voice of voters should be respected.

"I'm in favor of fracking, but I think voters should have a big say in it," Trump said. "I mean, there's some areas that maybe they don't want to have fracking and I think if the voters are voting for it, that's up to them."

When asked if she was surprised that she and Trump agreed on this point, Clinton said Trump took a different position when speaking on energy policy in North Dakota. However, his policies change often enough that it shows he doesn't have command of the issue, Clinton said.

"I've taken a consistent position in support of state and local governments and I think he's been all over the map, depending on who's interviewing him and where he is," she said.