WHO: Oklahoma City's Weed and Seed program

WHAT: The Justice Department found that the program has misspent and mismanaged hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past six years. It spent $153,971 in federal funding improperly, buying items such as Japanese swords, 65-inch flat-screen TVs, and arcade games for youth programs. $27,000 in labor costs was unaccounted for, and one employee actually put $7,000 in city and federal funds into a personal account for himself.

WHY IT'S AN OUTRAGE: Weed and Seed's purpose is to create social programs and provide increased police security for high-crime areas. These expenditures clearly aren't in line with that goal.

WHERE TO VENT: The U.S. Department of Justice, which is in the process of determining what funds must be repaid. Call 202-514-2000 and suggest all of it be repaid.

-Compiled by Anna Dorminey, an Examiner intern through the National Journalism Center