Oil spill hits U Street
Washington got its own oil spill as an oozing substance made U Street too slippery for traffic.

A truck traveling down the hot U Street corridor early Wednesday morning sprung a leak of what the District Department of Transportation calls "grease" and other reports call "cooking oil."

Department of Public Works spokesman Linda Grant said the truck was used to collect cooking oil from restaurants.

Officials closed U Street from Ninth to 16th streets for several hours while a sand truck worked to soak up the spill.

Another DYRS teen killed

The Capitol Hill intern and D.C. college student who was shot and killed last weekend in Northeast Washington was a ward of the District, at least the fifth young man slain while under the supervision of the city this year.

Joshua Hopkins, 19, was playing basketball at the Watkins Branch Recreation Center when he was gunned down Saturday morning. In 2008, Hopkins was arrested for destruction of property, a source familiar with his background told The Washington Examiner. He was sentenced to the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services until he turned 21.

Nine DYRS youths have been accused of murder this year. The District is looking into the problems of the agency.

Businessman charged in mail fraud
The owner of a mail sorting business was charged with using a fraudulent government postal seal to hide the fact that he failed to mail religious materials overseas for a D.C.-based nonprofit, according to documents filed in federal court.

Prosecutors said Robert Dunbebin, of American Mail Sort in Baltimore, never mailed the materials for the Seventh Day Adventist Church, which he was hired to do. Instead, he ripped off a U.S. Postal Service seal from another mailing to falsely show the shipment had been delivered, prosecutors said.

Dunbebin faces up to five years in prison if convicted.

Compiled by Liz Essley, Bill Myers and Scott McCabe.