Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, said something stupid about immigrants last week and it is getting big play on twitter and lefty blogs today.

Amnesty advocates seem to believe that by relentlessly promoting every stupid thing Republicans say about immigrants, this will somehow convince more moderate Republicans to vote for amnesty and get the issue “off the table.” The Courage Campaign even has an entire website devoted to Sh*t Republicans Say About Immigrants.

But the amnesty lobby has miscalculated.

If amnesty passed today, Steve King would still very much be around tomorrow. And, as this Think Progress video asking Hispanic Leadership Network conference attendees what they think about providing benefits to newly legalized immigrants shows, there were still be plenty of hot button immigration related issues around if amnesty passes.

The same activist Spanish-language media that is beating up Republicans for not passing amnesty now, would immediately start bashing Republicans for not making the path to citizenship easier tomorrow. The left will again start promoting every stupid thing Steve King and his ilk say about immigrants, in order to, again, pressure moderate Republicans into caving.

In other words, by highlighting King, the left is again demonstrating that passing amnesty solves nothing.