Schubert is manager of the Columbia Heights Community Marketplace, which opened this summer. It takes place Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. near 14th and Kenyon streets NW.

How did the market get started?

An earlier version of the CHCM ran in 2002 and 2003 in the area behind the west exit of the Columbia Heights Metro station. That area is now developed. The intention was to have a market in the same area. ... Planning began in earnest in September of 2009, culminating in a large public meeting two months later.

What are the challenges involved in running a community market?

Trying to hear and involve everyone in the community. ... This is why the board is designing a process that will allow us to integrate artists and artisans. We believe this will bring in even more interest and support from the community.

What are the elements of a successful farmers market?

All in all, a good market will set the stage to create connections between and among local farmers, shoppers and the wider community. ... However, people with limited incomes often can't participate as much as they might like. That's why we're thrilled with the recent launch of our new CHFestivus Bucks, Festibucks for short, program. Thanks to the wonderful and diligent help of Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham, we secured $5,000 that will allow people who use [Women, Infants and Children Program] "Fresh Checks," Senior [Farmers Market Nutrition Program] vouchers and food stamps to increase the amount, up to $10, that they can spend on food each Saturday.

How can people learn more about local food?

Well, for starters they can go out to the CHFestivus on Saturdays to talk with farmers and other food producers. ... People will find that farmers want to talk about how and why they grow food and the importance of reconnecting food and community.

- Emily Babay