Kight is sheriff of Montgomery County and will retire in December after more than two decades at the post.

How many days away is your retirement?
Let's see. It's 129 days away [as of July 23]. But who's counting?
Are you ready to be done?
I've been in [law enforcement] since I was 21. I'll be almost 70 when I retire. I have no desire to go past that age.
What has changed most since you started?
It's definitely the way law enforcement is handled. There is way more training than when I first started. It's much better. Most of our law enforcement officers now are college graduates. It's way better for the community. In fact, the community demanded it.
What are the county's pressing crime problems?
What bothers me is the gang activity. It seems to be increasing, along with the home invasions and things of that nature. And we're certainly getting our share of bank robberies.
Should county residents install alarm systems?
I think everybody ought to. I know I sleep a lot better with mine. You feel like you're leaving your house in good hands.
Any regrets?
None whatsoever. I will have been sheriff for 24 years when I retire Dec. 1. Everyone else made me look good. I hope they were satisfied with my leadership. I will miss the adventure of it, though. You never know what you're going to do everyday. I think Montgomery County is unique in that there isn't really a king of the law enforcement hill. The jealousy you see in a lot of other areas just isn't here.
What's next?
I'll probably do nothing at all. No, we're going to do some traveling around the country. My son lives in Denmark. We'll spend plenty of time there. They're very pleasant people.
-- Brian Hughes