The state of Texas is investigating Planned Parenthood clinics in the wake of an undercover video showing one of the group's director discussing harvesting fetal body parts.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced Wednesday that he'll lead an investigation into the abortion provider, which operates five clinics in the state. He said the video "details the organization's calculated slaughter of human babies to maximize the available body parts they plan to sell."

"The video offers a glimpse into an organization that knowingly and deliberately destroys human life to further its bottom line," Paxton said in a statement.

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The video, released Tuesday by a group called the Center for Medical Progress, has prompted an investigation by congressional Republicans. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a presidential candidate, has also vowed to investigate Planned Parenthood.

Texas cracked down on abortion providers with a new law in 2013 laying out new requirements for abortion clinics and doctors. Parts of the law have temporarily been suspended by the Supreme Court.