If the New York Jets brought in Tim Tebow to push Mark Sanchez to another level or possibly win the starting quarterback position, it doesn't seem to be working as planned.

After three postseason games, the Jets' offense has yet to score a touchdown, averaging seven points a game.

Tebow has completed just 36.1 percent of his passes (13-for-36) and thrown two interceptions for a passer rating of 26.5.

And Sanchez hasn't been much better, throwing for 203 yards and two picks for a passer rating of 59.6.

It's not like these two quarterbacks aren't seeing playing time -- third-stringer Greg McElroy has only attempted six passes. They just are not producing.

Sanchez, Tebow and most of the Jets' starters will sit out the final preseason game against the Eagles on Thursday, passing up one last chance to get the offense on track.

While the Jets thought they may have two starting quarterbacks on their roster, the reality may be that they have none.

- Jeffrey Tomik