How much did the London Olympics cost?

Most estimates put the cost at $14 billion, or about three times original estimates. But the British insist the Games will more than pay for themselves as economic benefits continue to roll in from improvements made to accommodate the Games and increased tourism. Whatever the cost, most Brits were hailing the Games an unqualified success. "We lit the flame, and we lit up the world," organizing chief Sebastian Coe said.

How is Marion Barry welcoming RG III to D.C.?

The District councilman and "mayor for life" offered last week on WPFW-FM to give Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III a personal tour of the city. Barry said the ex-Baylor star would probably like the city's U Street neighborhood. "We'll bring him to U Street, to Ben's Chili Bowl and down to Busboys and Poets," Barry said. "There are a lot of wonderful restaurants here." No word yet on Griffin's interest.

What is P90X?

The popular 90-day body-sculpting program is getting more attention these days because one of its biggest fans, Rep. Paul Ryan, was just picked this weekend as Republican Mitt Romney's vice presidential running mate. Ryan, at 6 feet 2 inches and 163 pounds, is known to lead the mutliworkout P90X regime on Capitol Hill. It includes pull-ups, sit-ups, cardio, yoga and more. Does it work? Ryan's body fat is said to be at an enviable 6-8 percent.