Did the White House remove the bust of Winston Churchill?

President Obama replaced the bust in the Oval Office with one of Abraham Lincoln. Churchill was returned to the British Embassy, which loaned the bust to President George W. Bush as a gesture of solidarity following 9/11. When Mitt Romney and columnist Charles Krauthammer questioned the removal, the White House at first denied Churchill was gone. Turns out, there are two Churchill busts. One was returned. The other, in the White House since the 1960s, remains in the presidential residence.

Why do commuter trains run more slowly in the summer?

Hot weather can deform rails, causing kinks that can throw a train off the tracks. Slowing down won't prevent a derailment, but it can reduce the damage done. How fast trains go, however, depends on the line. Metro's new rules limit drivers to 35 mph above ground on the hottest days. MARC trains and Virginia Railway Express cut their speed by a third, to 40 mph, if temperatures hit 90 degrees.

What was the largest blackout before the July 31 Indian power failure left 620 million without electricity?

Nearly 100 million people were without power in Indonesia in 2005, following a power grid failure. In 1996, nearly 97 million people in Brazil were left in the dark after transmission lines at the Itaipu hydroelectric dam failed. Storms around that same dam knocked out power to 60 million people in 2009, including all 7 million residents of neighboring Paraguay.