The Obama administration on Monday gave Syrians in the United States another 18 months to stay in the country because the war-torn nation continues to deteriorate and be a danger to those who fled and were embraced by the White House.

The Department of Homeland Security issued the notice via the Federal Register. The extension lasts until March 2018.

"The secretary has determined that an extension of the current designation and a redesignation of Syria for TPS are warranted because the ongoing armed conflict and other extraordinary and temporary conditions that prompted the 2015 TPS redesignation have not only persisted, but have deteriorated, and because the ongoing armed conflict in Syria and other extraordinary and temporary conditions would pose a serious threat to the personal safety of Syrian nationals if they were required to return to their country," said the notice.

The president wants the country to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees by October even though the vetting process to weed out potential terrorists claiming to be refugees is under attack.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has called for a moratorium until the vetting process, in which the United Nations plays a central role, is tightened.

Syrians in the nation must reapply for the extension. They can also get work permits.

The full notice is here.

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