The summer transfer sagas plod onward, even though much of them are based on pure speculation.

But not this. Legendary Spanish and Real Madrid striker Raúl will be unveiled on Wednesday by German club Schalke 04, according to his agent, Gines Carvajal. The decision was made on Sunday.

Carvajal said Raúl took a lot into account when making his decision, and that it was very flattering to be sought by the New York Red Bulls, but ultimately he decided to stay in Europe.

In addition, as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, the chance that Ronaldinho lands in Los Angeles remains at least a possibility. According to a source close to the situation, the grinning Brazilian continues to desire a move to the U.S., but AC Milan holds the key at the moment, needing either to keep him or to land someone of comparable stature to satisfy its own public image and its fans.

Back on the East Coast, I'm also hearing that Ilija Stolica is on the radar for New England, which waived Michael Videira yesterday.

And this is yesterday's news but it applies to MLS going forward. Nice timing for the league's signing of 16-year-old Omar Salgado, given that last night he scored the lone goal in the U.S. under-20 team's 1-0 win over China at the Milk Cup in Northern Ireland. With Salgado inked to a Generation Adidas deal, MLS doesn't have to worry about him being snapped up by a European club - my understanding is that there is a Euro passport in the family, and there are tons of Euro scouts who stake out the Milk Cup.

Salgado himself is an interesting story, as the 6-foot-4 El Paso, Texas, native was on the U.S. radar a couple years ago before disappearing to Mexico and his re-emergence this spring is pretty remarkable. By signing his contract with MLS, he can pick a team to train with for the rest of the season (think contender for an early pick in next year's draft, i.e. not the Galaxy) and then get himself loaned out to a lower division club to get some matches under his belt. Don't be surprised if he checks out Portland or Vancouver, since those clubs will have early draft picks when they join MLS next year.