You can't go home again
If you're on home detention and still get shot trying to escape from corrections officers, there's a good chance you're going to end up in Stupid Crimes.

Police said Tavon Newton, 20, was out on bond on drug charges but was required to work at the jail each day. When he showed up for his shift to wash laundry Wednesday, he then tried to escape.

Newton scaled one fence and tried to scale another when a correctional officer shot him twice in the leg, police said. Newton was taken to a hospital and faces charges of attempted escape.

Should have gone with Pol Pot
A 42-year-old Omaha, Neb., man busted for growing marijuana inside his home told police he had a valid reason.

Officers say Darin Badam admitted that the marijuana was his, but Adolf Hitler made him grow it. The excuse didn't get him out of his felony arrest.

Photoshop 2. Doh!
A 37-year-old Salt Lake City woman was arrested after police said she retaliated against a 13-year-old girl by distributing crude pictures that appeared to feature the middle school student.

The fliers showed a naked female in a sex act and someone had altered the photo and put the 13-year-old's head on the female in the act. The fliers were then posted in the school's girls restroom.

Police arrested the 37-year-old after reviewing surveillance video they say showed her entering the restroom.

The woman is charged with 18 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor and faces up 15 years in prison for each count.

How Moronic
A Utah man is accused of ramming another vehicle, firing shots from a stolen handgun and running naked in traffic.

Wyoming police don't know why Armando Juan Cano, of Moroni, Utah, went on his bizarre rampage, but the toxicology reports have not been returned.

It started when Cano drove into a ditch, then ran naked into the roadway.

Cano got back in his car and rammed another car before parking in the middle of the interstate. He then forced his way into another car, found a handgun in the back seat and fired two shots.

Police say Cano then lay on his back in the traffic. When a motorist tried to help Cano, Cano stabbed the man in the leg.

That's when a Highway Patrol trooper arrived and subdued Cano with the help of four truckers.

- Compiled by Scott McCabe