Lies don't work? Try the truth

A New Jersey woman who made up a story that her vehicle crashed while she was performing oral sex on a male prostitute later confessed that the real story was worse.

At first, Sara Blasse, 23, told police at the hospital that a carjacker threw her on the ground and broke her arm.

During the interview, police received a report that a sport utility vehicle registered to Blasse's father had been involved in a crash and was found still smoldering.

Blasse then changed her story, saying she had picked up a man on the street and was performing a sex act on him while he was behind the wheel when the car careened into a tree.

When police pointed out that the SUV had been set on fire intentionally, she confessed to the truth, police said. She and her boyfriend had stolen a laptop, and were speeding away when the SUV crashed into a tree.

Blasse torched her father's car to hide the crime, and the couple fled in different directions.

Is that a hamburger in your pants, or ...?

Deputies in South Carolina handled an unusual complaint when McDonald's employees said a woman caused a commotion after she bought a sandwich and shoved it down her pants, then said her order had been shorted. 

The woman bought two hamburgers and two small coffees, then stuffed one of the sandwiches down the front of her jeans, and said that the employees owed her a free one.

Employees said when Lori Turner became belligerent, they called police. 

The deputy could see a large grease stain on the front of her pants. Turner denied having the hamburger until a female officer arrived to search her. Turner then pulled the hamburger out of her pants and put it on the hood of the police car.

McDonald's refunded Turner's money and police ordered her to never return.

Failing on so many levels

Threatening to distribute that sex video you made with your ex-girlfriend is probably not a good idea if you are 29 and she is 17.

But that's what one Nebraska man did, police said.

Police responded to a disturbance where the teenager reported that the man threatened to distribute a sex video if she didn't pay back money he claimed she owed him.

Police searched the man's home and found the video of the man having sex with the minor. The man was charged with producing child pornography, a crime which calls for automatic prison time.

This guy's overexposed

An Iowa man was arrested after he was caught on a surveillance camera trying to steal a surveillance camera.

Police say workers at a home improvement store saw Terrance Mitchell stuff surveillance camera merchandise into a bag and walk out an entrance. Mitchell eluded employees but dropped the bag.

The store reviewed its security footage and found video of Mitchell taking security cameras in June.

-- Scott McCabe