According to a new study, Donald Trump's proposal to ban Muslims from around the world and non-Muslims from terrorism-affected countries from entering the country would be bad news for the economy.

The study, from the centrist group Third Way, says 182,000 jobs would be killed in the ban's first year. United States GDP would be $30.5 billion worse off. The losses would increase more every year the ban remains in place.

The actual numbers would vary widely depending on how Trump would specifically design such a ban. The study's authors used the 23 countries ranking highest on the Global Terrorism Index to guess which countries Trump would define as "compromised by terrorism."

It would also depend on whether Trump wants to ban everyone from those countries, or just Muslims. Furthermore, would Muslims from countries not compromised by terrorism be allowed into the U.S.?

The estimated economic losses largely come from the 8.4 million fewer visitors the U.S. would have. The study estimates that Muslim visitors spend about 45 percent more, on average, than the typical visitor to the U.S., because a disproportionate number come for a college education.

Think of the lost visitors as lost exports, since it means fewer foreigners spending money on U.S. products. "We wouldn't ban the export of American cars or wheat to half the world's population," the study says. "So why would we ban the export of tourism and education to the same population?"

Jason Russell is a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner.