Donald Trump's penchant for not being politically correct seems to be rubbing off on his dedicated following.

Trump supporters are almost 100 percent more likely to use politically incorrect language online than their pro-Clinton counterparts, according to a new study released by Grammarly Friday morning.

Looking at the forums dedicated to each candidate on the popular news aggregate and discussion website Reddit, the study found the Trump subreddit (r/The_Donald with over 202,000 subscribers) had politically incorrect language 88 percent more often than that used by people in the Hillary Clinton subreddit (r/hillaryclinton with 25,800 subscribers).

The Trump community also used 135 percent more profanity than users in the Clinton forum, as flagged by the Grammarly app's checks.

"Trump's supporters aren't afraid to let curse words fly," the study concluded.

The study also found that Reddit users in the Trump subreddit have their own community "lingo", much of it originating in the alt-right movement (a populist segment of right-wing politics), while the Clinton community didn't seem to use any unique terms.

At the top of the list is "cuck," which according to "The Right Stuff" blog is an "epithet for a weak man." It is often combined with other words and names, "CuckKaine" for example, which insults Clinton's running mate Tim Kaine. "Shillary" is another term often used as a nickname for the Democratic nominee, which is a combination of Clinton's first name and "shill", or one who acts as a decoy for a gambler, according to Merriam-Webster.

In an interview earlier this month with the people who moderate the candidates' subreddits, one Clinton moderator told the Washington Examiner what separates the Clinton subreddit from the other forums is that the moderators "work hard to keep the discussions provocative and informative."

"We shy away from the mudslinging and name calling that contribute nothing to the debate," said a moderator with the username backpackwayne. "It isn't always perfect, but the results are a better understanding of the issues that are important to us all."

Meanwhile a moderator for the Trump subreddit, TehDonald, said that his group isn't interested in "pandering" to users of other subreddits.

"We believe in coming from a position of strength, clarifying what we believe in and making sure everyone knows what we stand for," TehDonald said.

The full breakdown of Trump and Clinton subreddit language can be found here.