"We lived surrounded by rats, cockroaches, scorpions -- and I have to say it -- with human excrement, yes, with excrement ... dengue and tuberculosis ravaged the prisoners. Forty prisoners were crammed into cells measuring 32 square feet." - Julio Galvez.

"I lived in total darkness with my hands tied; with rats and cockroaches and excrement everywhere. That was all I could smell." - Lester Gonzalez.

"Many prisoners attempted suicide. I saw prisoners stick needles in the dark part of their eye. I saw prisoners roll themselves in foam mattresses and set themselves alight, prisoners who inject excrement and urine into their eyes, prisoners who inject petrol into their private parts and other places just so they will be attended to." - Normando Hernandez.

"I spent 17 months of solitary confinement in a four-by-four-meter cell." - Jose Luis Paneque.

All four of these men were prisoners in Guantanamo. Only the prisons in which they languished were built by Castro, not George W. Bush. Their crimes? Rape? Murder? Stealing? They dared to say things Castro didn't like.

Humberto Fontavo at American Thinker has the rest of this amazing story that you will never hear on broadcast news or read on the front page of the typical daily American newspaper.