Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash came to Red Bull Arena last night to see D.C. United's mundane draw with the Red Bulls.

Nash is a soccer fan and a minority owner of the Vancouver Whitecaps, which will enter MLS as an expansion team next season. He's also a friend of Thierry Henry. Hmmmm, coincidence?

Asked when Henry made his decision to join MLS - which won't be official until Thursday (even though the buzz at the stadium was that he's arriving on Tuesday) - Nash tried hard to toe the party line. But eventually, he couldn't help himself.

“I don’t want to say too much about when," said Nash. "But I know he’s had a phenomenal career. He’s played at some of the biggest clubs in the world. He’s had a fantastic time at Arsenal, a fantastic time at Barcelona, and when you’ve been a professional soccer player at the highest level with all those expectations since your 17, sometimes you welcome a change. I think he’s accomplished so much. He’s won, how many players have won what he’s won, if you think about it. He’s won in England. He’s won in Spain. He’s won the Champions League. He’s won the European Cup, the World Cup. Think about what he’s accomplished. He loves America. He loves New York City, and I think he’s ready for a new challenge. I’m thrilled we’re going to be able to see him on a daily basis.”

"I think we’re lucky, too," continued Nash, "because Thierry’s still a world class player. We’ve seen players come over before who’ve shown how great they were but not necessarily every night. I think he’s still capable of playing at the highest level of this game. It’s amazing that he’s willing to come over here at this stage of his career, to be honest. It’s a big coup or Red Bull and for MLS."

As for Sunday's World Cup final?

"Well, I think it’s going to be an intriguing game," said Nash. "I think Spain is my favorite, but to win a World Cup, you gotta be lucky. I think if you look through the tournament, the Dutch seem to have a little bit of that destiny to them. I think it’s going to exciting. It’s hard for me to not love Spain. They have so much brain in the midfield, it’s incredible to watch."