"The Apprentice" finalist and Tradewinds Speciality Imports CEO Steuart Martens has teamed up with NUDE Spirits to distribute a new luxury vodka in the Washington area. "This partnership has been about a year coming and we finally solidified the deal last week," Martens tells Yeas & Nays. Aside from liking the brand and the guys who are behind the product, Martens tells us what he finds most appealing about the vodka is that it is gluten-free. "I have a few friends who have had trouble finding something they can drink because there are not a ton of products out there that are gluten-free, so this is something unique because it addresses health concerns and allergy issues for some people."

We hear vodka deals aren't the only thing Martens has been dabbling in. There may be another television show or two in the works for the reality star, but Martens says he "cannot confirm or deny" our suspicions. We'll keep you posted.