Stephen Colbert, education reformer?

We know Fenty's taken to the title recently, but the host of satiric news show "The Colbert Report" seems to have a special interest as well: He followed up Michelle Rhee's recent appearance with last's night guest Geoffrey Canada, founder of legendary charter Harlem Children's Zone, and Rhee's co-star in "Waiting for 'Superman,'" Davis Guggenheim's documentary on the nation's broken public school system.

The spot's full of Colbert's usual gems — "You're the guy waiting for Superman in the movie 'Waiting for Superman'!" — but the best line undoubtedly comes when Colbert says the charter's early education focus is just not early enough: "So many of our nation's fetuses only read at the first trimester level."

Canada peddles his usual talking points: failing children for too long, turning the other cheek, etc., but the conversation's relevant and, of course, full of fun. Colbert concludes that, OK, maybe kids shouldn't wait for Batman, "and whatever you do, don't wait for Aquaman -- you could drown."

Now if only we could get Colbert to the education media event at Sousa on Thursday...