Statement lighting in a home is more art than accent and is used by interior designers to add drama to rooms.

"Statement lighting is show-stopping, eye-grabbing," explained interior designer Lori Graham. "Accent lighting is used to highlight or complement another piece, or showcase great architectural detailing."

This design element is used the same as an interesting piece of furniture or fabulous painting and can become the focal point of the room.

Graham designed an all-glass rectangular statement light for the entrance in Showroom 1412, her home furnishings and design store on 14th Street. Originally for an atrium with a transom, this large rectangular fixture reflects light throughout the showroom, the perfect setting to display the piece.

Setting and scale are crucial when making a statement with lighting.

"If you have a master bedroom with a tall ceiling, the larger fixture could be perfect centered in the room," Graham said. "If your room is of a smaller scale, consider installing two of the smaller fixtures on either side of the bed, in lieu of bedside lamps."

Clear crystal or glass fixtures look beautiful against a dark background, said Nadia Subaran of Aidan Design, while a lighter wall finish will help a darker fixture pop. Also consider what the fixture will look like when it is turned off as well as on,

As statement lighting trends up, flush-mounted ceiling fixtures are becoming pass?. Light fixtures have evolved from dainty to dashing.

"I'm seeing everything featured in the brushed golds and lots of combinations of crystal and glass with steel, as well as caged styled chandeliers and pendants," said Niki VanEch of VanEch Studio. These fixtures are "not always bigger, but definitely bolder."

Changes in lifestyle have also changed the perception of what is formal, said Subaran, broadening the way people are willing to use different styles. Grand chandeliers are now seen in kitchens, bedrooms and powder rooms.

"There is no need to save your favorite and most interesting lighting fixtures for the spaces you use to formally entertain," Graham said. "Install them in your bedroom, bathroom -- spaces where you will get to frequently enjoy them."