Because Washingtonians can't simply sit and watch the State of the Union address -- that, clearly, would be too boring -- here are some of our favorite games and parties planned for Tuesday night's big speech:

» Lots of Shots: Ventnor Sports Cafe in Adams Morgan is holding its fifth State of the Union viewing party and celebrating the speech by getting customers to take shots. Lots and lots of shots. Upon entering the establishment, partygoers will get to pick words like "taxes" or "middle class" and whenever the president utters that word or phrase, that lucky patron gets a $1 shot. We're told this shindig is a good time, but occasional drinkers beware, this sounds like it could be brutal.

» O-B-A-M-A: The folks over at Americans for Tax Reform have created Obama State of the Union bingo cards on which players can check off expected phrases such as "let me be clear" and "Washington special interests" to win the game. We're told ATR head Grover Norquist himself will be playing Tuesday night. Also provided is a handy dandy definitions key. For example: when the president says "bipartisan," ATR defines it as "Democratic efforts to get Republican fingerprints on bad pieces of legislation." Speaking of bipartisan, this game might not go over well in a bipartisan crowd.

» The Obligatory State of the Union Drinking Game: Comedian Will Durst has created a State of the Union drinking game that includes role play (participants are instructed to dress up like bankers, "ordinary folks" or poor people), drinking beer from shot glasses and sword fighting with Chicago-style hot dogs. It also includes rules like this: "If the president mentions the Chinese president by name, the last person to ask 'Hu dat?' has to drink 2 shots of beer." Cheers.