State Department officials have pledged to hand over 5,000 new pages of documents on Tuesday to the House Select Committee on Benghazi, just one day before Secretary of State John Kerry's chief of staff was set to testify before the committee.

"This was never about a hearing, but about getting the documents. The committee is not interested in drama, we want the facts," said Chairman Trey Gowdy of the hearing that was slated for Wednesday.

Gowdy had offered Jon Finer, Kerry's chief of staff, the option of producing documents to the committee rather than testify when he first called for Finer to appear last week.

"If the State Department does not fulfill this production, or if production continues to be anemic and underwhelming, we will move forward with scheduling a compliance hearing before the committee," Gowdy said Monday evening.

The new State Department production will mark the largest trove of documents given to the committee since last summer, and the second largest in the committee's history.

Given Kerry's focus on promoting the nuclear agreement with Iran in Congress this week, Finer asked Gowdy to delay his testimony.

"As a condition of postponing the hearing, we made the reasonable request for a significant production of documents," Gowdy said.

The select committee has struggled to further its investigation of the 2012 terror attack in Benghazi in the face of stonewalling from the State Department, which has repeatedly refused to provide requested documents.