The State Department said Wednesday that it isn't 100 percent sure whether Hillary Clinton used non-secure wireless devices when she led the State Department.

Spokesman Mark Toner was asked whether Clinton asked to use wireless or bluetooth devices while in secure areas of the department. Toner replied that no one in the department can remember if she did, but said it wouldn't have been approved if she did ask.

"I can say that State Department officials do not recall any discussions about the feasibility of then-Secretary Clinton potentially using a wireless earpiece or bluetooth-enabled device within the confines of Mahogany Row or the seventh floor," spokesman Mark Toner said, referring to a secure area of the building.

"Given the potential security vulnerabilities of that type of technology, the department would not and does not approve of the use of such devices in a secure space," he added.

But when asked if Clinton might have used one anyway, Toner was less than 100 percent sure.

"I don't believe so," he said. "I don't think she was."

When asked again if Clinton asked to use a bluetooth-enabled device, Toner said, "We don't recall."