A State Department spokesman defended Monday a set of call logs that showed Hillary Clinton's former chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, received more than 150 messages from a Clinton Foundation executive while working at the State Department.

"For senior aides in the department at that time to have connections with the Clinton Foundation ... only speaks to the fact that these were important people who had reason to convey information to the secretary," State Department spokesman Mark Toner said of the frequent contact Clinton's staff had with Clinton Foundation donors and employees.

Fox News' James Rosen, who obtained the logs, asked during the daily briefing about one message in which a Clinton Foundation executive, in a message to Mills, referred to Clinton as "our boss." Toner denied Clinton served as supervisor to both the Clinton Foundation team and the State Department team.

Toner said Clinton Foundation employees were likely in close contact with State Department staff because the charity was coordinating relief efforts in the wake of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

The agency spokesman said Clinton's agreement with the White House, in which she vowed to avoid contact with her family's foundation, contained "nothing precluding" her aides from working with the controversial charity.

Toner denied suggestions that there was any unethical contact resulting from the intersection of foundation and State Department business.

"We have no clear sign that that was the case," Toner said of allegations that big-ticket donors to the Clinton Foundation were provided special access.

Toner had no estimate for when the State Department would make public the roughly 15,000 emails recovered from Clinton's server by the FBI that the former secretary of state had withheld from the administration.

"We still don't have a firm sense of how many of the 14,900 [emails] are new, that we haven't seen before," Toner said. "There's likely to be quite a few."