Nearly half-dozen staffers belonging to Bernie Sanders' new political venture have reportedly left the organization as a result of the ex-White House hopeful's decision to put his former campaign manager in charge.

"Over the last few days, almost the entire staff resigned from the organization because they would not work for Jeff Weaver or help to enact Jeff's vision for the organization in any way," one of the staffers who has left the group, Our Revolution, told Politico.

Weaver ran Sanders' insurgent presidential campaign until its official end last month when the Vermont senator nominated Hillary Clinton by acclamation at the Democratic party's convention last month. Those who joined the group formed by Sanders after his campaign ended said they did so with the understanding that Weaver would not be brought on board.

When the Vermont senator announced he and his wife had appointed Weaver to serve as president of the group, at least five staffers, including digital director Kenneth Pennington, decided it was time to leave.

According to Claire Sandberg, a former Sanders campaign staffer, Weaver wanted to "take big money from rich people including billionaires and spend it on ads" for the group, a strategy most other staffers disagreed with.

"That's the opposite of what this campaign and this movement are supposed to be about, and after being very firm and raising an alarm, the staff felt that we had no choice but to quit," Sandberg was quoted as saying.

Weaver dismissed reports of growing turmoil with the group, claiming that Our Revolution is still trying to "find its footing."

"The board asked me last week to come in and be the head. I'm very proud to do it. The board knew I shared Bernie's vision and I'd be true to it," he said.

The group's official launch is slated for Wednesday, during which Sanders will deliver a speech that will stream live to more than 2,000 volunteer meetings across the country. According to its website, the group intends to "fight to transform America and advance the progressive agenda" Sanders' supporters believe in.