If Twitter was any indicator, it seems that the journos at NBC suffered worse than their peers during Wednesday night's snowstorm. Here are some of their saddest sounding yweets:

"About to hit 3 hour mark. I have gone about 2 miles. No food. But did find 2yo pack of chew. #notthathungry yet." - NBC's Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd trying to drive the 4.6 miles from the White House to his house Wednesday night. The total commute took him four hours.

"I ditched my car at the studio and jogged home. Traffic on Foxhall and Nebraska Ave not moving. Even called WTOP to report what I saw." - "Meet the Press" host David Gregory, who later reported via Twitter that there were two downed trees at his house.

"Phone dying. No power in house. Only candlelight left." - MSNBC Chief Washington Correspondent Norah O'Donnell. Earlier in the evening O'Donnell abandoned her car on a side street in upper Northwest and was rescued by her husband Chef Geoff Tracy in an SUV.