While the oppressive heat and humidity this summer has had many locals sprinting for pools or air-conditioned buildings, some appear to have acclimated themselves.

John Wehrli was cleaning up tree branches at McPherson Square for the National Park Service Wednesday.

He said the day's temperature was better than the past few days. He has been at his job for 33 years, and didn't think this summer has been worse than summers in the past.

Wehrli wasn't crazy or in denial. Midday temperatures were around 90 degrees downtown -- downright comfortable considering some of the mercury-busting temperatures the region has seen this summer.

Sarah Price, who lives and works in the District, took her lunch break outside Wednesday to enjoy the reasonable temperature and escape her "freezing" air-conditioned office.

But she's no fan of heat and humidity. Her vacation gave her the chance to escape.

"I left D.C. I went off to West Virginia, to the mountains," she said. "It's cooler there."

Dominion Power has not set any records yet for electricity use this summer, said spokeswoman Le-Ha Anderson.

Still, Pepco spokesman Clay Anderson said energy users would do well to limit their power use between the hours of 3 p.m. and 8 p.m.

"Pull the drapes ... drop the shades," he said.

But Jerrod Washington, a UPS truck driver, is cool with the heat.

"I think the heat is really not as bad as people think it is," he said.