The Super Bowl wasn't invented by Green Bay. And it wasn't perfected by Pittsburgh. Then again, the trophy is named after a Packers coach and the Steelers have won more Super Bowls than anyone. So maybe the former is true and the latter is accurate.

Regardless, both franchises will forever have a firm place in Super Bowl lore, not only because of their success in this game but also because of the big plays made en route to victory. (They also are connected to infamous plays by opponents but more on that another time).

Our five best Packers/Steelers Super Bowl moments:

Max McGee's catch » The first touchdown reception in Super Bowl history was made by someone who was hung over and didn't expect to play. But when Boyd Dowler separated his shoulder, McGee -- who borrowed a helmet because he'd left his in the locker room -- was forced into action. He made a one-handed 37-yard scoring grab as part of his 138-yard day.

Lynn Swann's catch » In a 21-17 win over Dallas in Super Bowl X, Swann made an acrobatic 53-yard catch, tripping over Dallas cornerback Mark Washington. Thing is, the Steelers missed a field goal on this drive, but good luck watching a Super Bowl highlight film without this play.

Desmond Howard's return » The ex-Redskins first-rounder finally made an impact in the NFL, just not as a receiver. The Packers had seen a 13-point lead cut to six late in the third quarter of Super Bowl XXXI when game MVP Howard returned the ensuing kickoff 99 yards for a touchdown.

James Harrison's return » One of the biggest game-changers in Super Bowl history. Arizona was at Pittsburgh's 1-yard line with 18 seconds left in the first half, trailing 10-7. Harrison, who looked like he would blitz but dropped back, returned an interception 100 yards for a touchdown in Pittsburgh's 27-23 win.

The catch » OK, Dwight Clark has first dibs on this two-word description. But Santonio Holmes did it in the ultimate game, so ...  Anyway, with less than 40 seconds left in Super Bowl XLIII, Holmes made the game-winning 6-yard grab with a tippy-toe catch along the sideline.