Whenever I find myself tempted to say nothing would surprise me in politics, I am reminded of Rep. Jim Moran, the unusally mean-spirited New Yorker who somehow managed to become Alexandria's congressman. The guy has a real talent for verbal mendacity, particularly toward conservatives, which he exercises regularly.

Moran's latest outburts is typical. Speaking last night following President Obama's State of the Onion address, Moran was interviewed on an Arab network. Listen carefully and you will hear these words:

“It [the Republican successes in the 2010 elections] happened for the same reason the Civil War happened in the United States. It happened because the Southern states, the slaveholding states, didn’t want to see a president who was opposed to slavery.

"In this case, I believe, a lot of people in the United States don’t want to be governed by an African-Amerian, particularly one who is liberal, who wants to spend money and who wants to reach out to include everyone in our society….”

Yes, he really said it. How do such morally superior beings as Moran manage to remain among the unenlightened, racist rabble that is "a lot of people in the United States."

It's difficult to hear over the translator, but you can watch the interview below. Note Moran's, uh, creepy reaching out to the woman interviewing him. Anybody know if the penalty under sharia law for touching a woman not related to you in public is chopping off the offending hand, or does the entire arm have to come off?