JaVale McGee had a good run.

But it didn't come as a surprise when he didn't make the 15-player USA Basketball roster ahead of the FIBA World Championships next month in Turkey -- after all, he was only a last-minute invite to last week's trials in Las Vegas.

But with or without the Wizards third-year center, ongoing concerns remain over Team USA's shortage of options down low, and USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo and head coach Mike Krzyzewski talked about their strategies on a conference call to announce the cuts Wednesday.

"He's very raw, he's very young. He's still a babe in terms of the game is concerned, and he has a real future," said Colangelo of McGee. "That's really how we left it with him: 'Keep working on your game, and you may get a call sooner rather than later, you don't know.'"

McGee responded on Twitter shortly afterward: "Yes now I get to get back to my summer workouts ... and getting my game right for the @washwizards and the fans ... back to the grind :)"

Without McGee -- and the absences of David Lee (injury) and Amar'e Stoudemire (insurance/contract issues), and the multiple declined invitations -- Team USA is left with only two true centers, Tyson Chandler and Brook Lopez, but the latter is on the bubble after he showed up in Vegas coming off a bout of mono that left him surprisingly and disappointingly out of shape.

"He knows he struggled," said Colangelo. "He's disappointed in his performance, but he wants this opportunity and when someone has that kind of attitude you're going to give him a little bit of rope."

Chandler provides defense and doesn't require the ball -- which always helps -- and Lamar Odom also can play in a non-traditional role. Outside of that, versatility is Krzyzweski's new mantra. He needs every rebound he can get from Kevin Love and needs Jeff Green to do whatever is asked.

"We're not just going to produce big guys out of -- we don't have big guys, a lot of them," said Krzyzewski. "These are our guys, and we feel good about them."

We would, too, if we had Kevin Durant.