Two sisters were sentenced to four years in prison each for using a pole and a golf club to attack a family in the District.

Jennifer Clark, 28, and Crystal Clark,32, were convicted of assault with a deadly weapon, carrying a dangerous weapon, felony destruction of property and simple assault. Crystal Clark also was convicted of a charge of cruelty of children.

Prosecutors said the sisters and and a large group of people gathered outside the family's home on Langston Place SE on Aug. 25, 2009 and distributed weapons to several people while they waited for their target, a woman, to come home. 

Jennifer Clark swung a golf club at the mother of the family, sparking an enormous melee, prosecutors said. The mother's boyfriend was knocked unconscious, and two girls, ages 11 and 12, were struck with a metal pole while they tried to help their mother, prosecutors said.

After the fight, the Clarks broke the windows of the family's two vehicles, and then threatened a nearby family who had called police.