A former SiriusXM Radio administrator was sentenced to more than a year in prison for stealing more than $900,000 from the District office of the satellite radio company.

Brenda L. Jones, 46, of Lothian, will be the second former worker sent to prison in the scheme.

Jones and Valencia Person, 54, of Suitland, separately pleaded guilty this year to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud in the theft of more than $900,000.

Both women got slapped with 15-month sentences and were ordered to pay back $908,000.

Prosecutors said the women began working together on the scheme shortly after Jones got a job in 2005 working as an administrator in the accounts payable department at what was then called XM Satellite Radio, at 1500 Eckington Place NE.

Jones' duties included being responsible for payments to commercial vendors. Person, who started in 2000, worked as a coordinator in the same department.

Shortly after her first day on the job, Person and Jones began to transfer into the latter's personal bank accounts large payments that were supposed to go to XM vendors. Jones then gave a portion of the monies to Person, according to court papers.

The duo covered up the scheme by altering data in the company's accounting system.

Prosecutors said Jones resigned from XM in July 2006, indicating to management she got a job somewhere else.

Long after she left the company, the checks continued coming, and about $690,000, more than two-thirds of the total stolen money, flowed into Jones' account over the next two years, prosecutors said.

The theft was discovered when vendors complained to XM that they had not received their payments.

A company investigation revealed the employees paid themselves instead the vendors, according to a lawsuit filed in federal court in Greenbelt in 2010.

The New York-based company sued Jones and Person. In June 2011, the company won a $2 million judgment against the women.