Legendary rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot weighed in this morning via Twitter on Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s vice presidential choice, saying that the pick of Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., portended an ugly campaign for the fall.

get ready for a very divisive campaign on both sides. I say ditch the two party system and get $$ out of politics.

Sir Mix-A-Lot didn’t say who he planned to vote for in the fall, though his post seemed to indicate that he would not be supporting the Democratic ticket. He didn’t respond to a follow-up tweet on the subject.

We do know one thing that he does endorse though.

UPDATE: Sir Mix-A-Lot added:

here is another idea. Hold debates in which the facts are checked real time and promptly corrected (on) the spot!

He elaborated:

Let the real truth be read by a non-partisan person. Then give the lying candidate a chance to rebut. Like Meet the Press

He also confirmed he is not backing any candidate at the moment:

I’m a pretty independent guy. Never make up your mind during primaries. Too much pandering. We will see